CBD- Hemp Boost

By Megan Murdock | February 11, 2021

CBD Once again here we are talking about CBD. Why? Nutritional Frontiers (the reputable company the team at Miller Sports & Family Chiropractic trusts most) has just drastically changed the way we look at CBD. CBD as you know by now is one the absolute most popular products in the nutritional world today. You can…

Covid 19 & weight management

COVID-19 & Weight Management

By Megan Murdock | January 14, 2021

COVID-19 & Weight Management The topic over the past 9 months that everyone is talking about. If COVID-19 has not infected you personally, it has affected you personally. Throughout the pandemic, public safety has been the biggest concern on every leader and citizen’s plate. We are taught daily about proper hygiene, social distancing, and mask…

Nutritional Frontiers

Nutritional Frontiers

By Megan Murdock | January 7, 2021

Supplements for the New Year A new year is here! Improving health and weight loss is the most common new year resolution. A great way to improve health and well-being is through supplementation. You can take supplements to fill the gaps in our diets when we eat poorly, support our diet when we do eat…

snow shovel

Snow Shoveling

By Megan Murdock | December 23, 2020

Snow Shoveling Winter is here and the snow is starting to fall! As beautiful as a fresh white blanket of snow is, it cannot lay perfect forever. Shoveling snow is one of the biggest reasons people struggle with low back pain in the winter. Lets “melt” those pesky bad habits away and shovel our way…

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

By Megan Murdock | December 10, 2020

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Low back pain will affect more than 80% of the population at some point in their life. There are a variety of reasons that low back pain can present. Most often, the low back becomes painful due to an acute injury or a mechanical strain/sprain. When the low back musculature becomes strained,…

Tips for Reducing Back Pain While Traveling

By Megan Murdock | November 23, 2020

Tips for Reducing Back Pain While Traveling Traveling for work or vacation can be exciting! You can get relax, enjoy the company with you, and listen to your favorite music or audiobook.  However, if you suffer from low back pain…traveling can be a dreaded experience. Here are some tips to try and reduce present back…

ImmunoMax III

ImmunoMax III to boast your immune system

By Megan Murdock | November 5, 2020

Sometimes it seems impossible to avoid exposure to the common cold and the flu. Many work in office settings sitting only feet away from a coworker.  Others work in retail stores coming into contact with people during a conversation or handling money at check out. People also work in healthcare and are exposed to bacteria…



By Megan Murdock | October 22, 2020

The spine is meant to have curves. It is the curves that give us the typical “S” shape we commonly think of when we think of our spine. These natural curve gives us our body shape and supports our weight adequately. The neck and low back have the same curve, called a lordosis. The mid-back…

raking leaves

Raking Leaves

By Megan Murdock | October 8, 2020

The crisp cool air, the beautiful foliage, bonfires, football games, pumpkin patches…all perfect descriptions of autumn! While most enjoy all the wonders that autumn brings to our area, it does not go without an increased chance for low back pain. As those beautiful leaves start to fall, raking begins. Using proper mechanics while raking can…


Why you need a multivitamin

By Megan Murdock | September 24, 2020

Multivitamin Importance is often not understood by many people.  Doctors and nutritionists commonly get asked one big question when it comes to supplementation.  ? We get it. Most people don’t want to take numerous supplements every single day, sometimes twice a day. Here at Miller Sports & Family Chiropractic, that answer is simple. A multivitamin.…