AirMaxx and Allergies

AirMaxx – Let’s face the facts, we live in western PA. Our wonderful state can give us all 4 seasons in one day. Each day a new flower or weed can sprout up, which may look pretty but wreak havoc on us. Itchy eyes, sore throats, runny noses, and headaches commonly come along with the changes of the seasons and the drastic changes in weather. If you are being affected by the pollen outside or even dust and pet dander within your home, there are options at Miller Sports & Family Chiropractic that can help!


While we may still not totally understand why some people have allergies and others don’t, we do understand what happens within the body. When the body recognizes a ‘foreign invader’, special cells called mast cells are activated. Mast cells rush to invade and determine if it is there to help or there to cause issues. If it identifies the invader as harmful, it releases a substance called histamine. Histamine tells the body something is wrong and calls us into action. It creates a typical allergy response such as itchy eyes, running nose, splotchy skin, wheezing, hives, etc.

Nutritional Frontiers AirMaxx

As discussed in a previous blog, our office offers supplements to our patients through a reputable and reliable company, Nutritional Frontiers (NF). Due to the region we live in, they have developed a supplement to help reduce the effects of allergies.  According to NF themselves, AirMaxx was designed to support healthy respiratory function and reduce allergic response. Histamine levels can spike drastically when the mast cells call to determine the invader within the body is bad. AirMaxx works to level those histamine levels back down to a normal range. When histamine levels come down, those severe responses decrease as well.

AirMaxx has many different vitamins and herbs to help reduce the histamine level and manage our symptoms. To discuss a few:

  • Vitamin C – an immune booster and histamine regulator
  • Benegut Perilla Leaf Extract – known in Chinese and Japanese medicine to reduce respiratory issues and allergies
  • TRACCS Zinc Arginate Chelate – supports the immune system and reduces symptoms with the common cold
  • Elderberry – known by herbalists to reduce pain, inflammation, and cough and prevent the common cold and flu symptoms

How to take AirMaxx?

AirMaxx is available in both a chewable and a capsule form. The chewable is orange flavored. As a dietary supplement, 1 tablet can be taken twice daily. The capsule can also be taken as a dietary supplement, taken 1 capsule daily. Of course, consult your health care provider if pregnant or nursing.

Chiropractic Care

Along with taking a supplement to aid in allergic symptoms reduction, chiropractic manipulation can also help reduce symptoms associated with allergies! Chiropractic manipulation eliminates the interference of communication between the body and the brain. When the body is able to communicate with the brain effectively, the mast cells and histamine response can be better regulated and respond accordingly. Chiropractic manipulation can also help relieve sinus pressure, allowing the sinus pathways to drain properly and clear away the irritants causing the reaction.

Let Miller Sports & Family Chiropractic Help

Tired of suffering from those pesky allergy symptoms? Ready to head outside and enjoy all that western PA has to offer? Ready to navigate the drastic weather changes and blossoming flowers in our area? For help managing the common irritating symptoms of seasonal allergies, contact us today! Dr. Miller and Dr. Murdock are eager to discuss the benefits of chiropractic care and nutritional support the office has to offer. You can be on your way to just feeling better… sneeze, cough, and itchy eye free!

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